The Property


Our warm and inviting lobby awaits you…

Here at The Studio 89 Residences, your safety and comfort are among our top priorities.

With the help of modern security systems, our friendly staff helps ensure that you – our students – are able to focus on your studies, or relax and unwind after a long day at school in the privacy of your room. Our mission is to provide you with a secure, comfortable and warm accomodation – a second home – where you can invest and focus on building your future without worrying about safety and the hassle of a long commute.


We believe in the old Latin phrase: Mens sana in corpore sano, which translates to: “a healthy mind in a healthy body.” Therefore, we are happy to provide FREE access to our new fitness center – where you can pursue a healthy and balanced lifestyle in the convenience of your second home. Our fitness center is equipped with Magnetic Bike, Benches, and Free Weights. A healthy mind requires a healthy body, so let us stay fit together!


Cramming for an exam last minute? Looking for a quiet area to study in the comfort of your home without the hustle and bustle inside your local coffee shop? Look no further than the Study Hall at The Studio 89 Residences. We designed this area with you – our students – in mind, so you can secure your future in style…




Looking for a new, modern and “no-frills” venue for a seminar, lecture or business meeting? Our function room can accommodate a maximum of 50-60 people. Our function room is equipped with LCD screen, Projector, Sound System with Microphone with FREE wifi access.

Allow us to be a part of your learning and company’s success! Inquire now!




For your safety and security, the building is equipped with the following features: 24/7 Security and Front Desk, strategically-placed CCTV cameras and Biometric system, Smoke Detectors, Fire Sprinkler System. Moreover, each dormitory floor is staffed by a resident assistant throughout the day and equipped with a biometric system in order to ensure that access to each floor is carefully monitored and controlled.


We are also equipped with the following:

FREE Wifi Internet Access

Parking Spaces (LIMITED, on a first-come-first-serve basis)

Passenger Lift


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